Best Neighborhoods In Colorado Springs: A Map For Homeowners

Whether staying in-state or moving cross-country, buying a house brings a lot of change. Knowing where to start your home search can seem overwhelming if you’ve never seen a map of Colorado Springs’s neighborhoods.

A map of Colorado Springs neighborhoods

The city is enormous, and with 17 school districts and tons of diverse neighborhoods, there are many factors to consider that influence where you might buy.

With over a decade of experience serving homeowners in Colorado Springs, we thoroughly understand the city, its best neighborhoods, and what makes each one so special. We’ve broken them down by cardinal direction to help you choose the right location to begin your home search.

Best Neighborhoods In North Colorado Springs

Interested in buying a newer home? Consider looking for properties in Northern Colorado Springs. This area offers plenty of new developments, and access to local amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers makes it suitable for households of any size.


Briargate is a fantastic neighborhood for service members and their families. About a 30-minute drive from Peterson Air Force Base, Briargate was annexed into the city in the eighties. The area has plenty of great schools and restaurants. It’s only a 15-minute drive downtown, which makes it an excellent option for those who also love the city’s nightlife (but don’t want to live in it).

Love the outdoors? Briargate offers great neighborhood walking paths and is close to many trails and parks including Pulpit Rock Park, Ute Valley Park, and Palmer Park open spaces.

Those who drive electric vehicles will also love that this neighborhood offers access to multiple vehicle chargers to encourage more sustainable commutes

Learn about Briargate in more detail here.

Black Forest

Like Briargate, Black Forest offers high-quality public schooling options for families. Relative to other parts of Colorado Springs, Black Forest boasts a high concentration of Ponderosa Pine trees (hence the name) and creates beautiful scenery.

Just east of 1-25, living in Black Forest makes the commute to downtown Colorado Springs an easy 30-minute drive. The rolling hills and rural landscape also make it a haven for people who enjoy solitude as a way to recharge. Homes here are more secluded, and often have animals ranging from chickens to horses.

Black Forest offers some of the best views of Pike’s Peak and the surrounding front range. The nearby Black Forest Regional Park and Fox Run Regional Park provide great hiking trails for adventure lovers.

Overview of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs

Overall, Black Forest scored very highly on for its livability. The area is perfect for those who love spending time outdoors and want some distance from their neighbors — most lots are around 5 acres.

Learn about Black Forest in more detail here.

Best Neighborhoods In South Colorado Springs

South Colorado Springs offers luxury housing options without sacrificing access to local shops and services. Like much of Colorado Springs, the neighborhoods below are very safe and are close to hiking trails.


Located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain, Broadmoor has an interesting history. The primary attraction in this neighborhood is the Broadmoor Resort. It opened in 1918 and is known for its rich history and stunning grounds, which inspired the design of many homes in the area.

Food lovers adore dining at the Broadmoor Resort, with fine dining options like The Penrose Room, The Lake Terrace Dining Room, and Ristorante Del Lago.

The Broadmoor area is also great for hikers, offering access to hiking trails in nearby Cheyenne Cañon Park.

It’s also suitable for families, with high-quality public and private education options. Don’t forget about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! Many Broadmoor homes are along the road that goes to the zoo on the mountain. Families with children are especially grateful for the proximity to such a fun family excursion (check out their membership options!)

Learn about Broadmoor in more detail here.


These neighborhoods are sewn together at the base of the mountain and are slightly more affordable than Broadmoor. They offer a similar appeal to Broadmore for its proximity to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, known for its golf course, country club, and lake.

Locals also have easy access to Cheyenne Cañon hiking trails. Mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners alike love to weave in and out of Stratton Open Space trails. If you are an avid mountain biker (or thinking of starting up a new hobby), Cheyenne Cañon is a great place to get outside and enjoy the Colorado mountain views.

The availability of pre-owned and new homes makes this area appealing to smaller families who don’t need as much space. The public schools here are in Cheyenne Mountain District 12 — a top-rated district in Colorado Springs.

Learn about Skyway and Ivywild in more detail.

A view of the Ivywild School

Best Neighborhoods In East Colorado Springs

This area is for you if you seek developed neighborhoods with community and Front Range views.

Nearby hospitals, dining options, and shopping centers make East Colorado Springs another excellent area for families.

Plus, there’s a centrally located golf course where you can play without a membership (for a fee).

Banning Lewis

Banning Lewis Ranch is a wonderful place to own a home regardless of family size. This fast-growing neighborhood has great schooling options for every grade level and prides itself on its close-knit community.

A farmer’s market, local dog park, and community garden make this neighborhood one of the most desired in the area.

Home pricing can vary, but properties tend to sell extremely fast here. The average time on the market in this area is 13 days.

Learn about Banning Lewis Ranch in more detail here.

Woodmen Hills/Meridian Ranch

According to their community websites, Woodmen Hills and Meridian Ranch offer all the convenience of city life without the drawbacks.

This neighborhood lies on the outskirts of town, and is technically in Falcon (an unincorporated El Paso County area). It has excellent recreational facilities that offer everything from a pickleball court to a BMX course.

It’s also closer to Antler Creek Golf Course than Banning Lewis. The 3 minute drive is ideal for regular golfers.

Oh, and did we mention that these neighborhoods are exempt from city sales tax? Locals appreciate lower prices than people living within city limits.

Best Neighborhoods In West Colorado Springs

West Colorado Springs offers similar conveniences to the other neighborhoods mentioned so far, but its central location close to downtown means prime access to local parks, nightlife, and restaurants.


Rockrimmon is one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families. It’s extremely close to the Air Force Academy. Driving there takes just 15 minutes in light traffic.

Locals prefer this neighborhood for its affordability. While prices here tend to be lower than in the rest of the city, homeowners don’t have to sacrifice convenience or local amenities.

Residents love the Garden of the Gods, famous for hosting a wide variety of outdoor activities. Ute Valley Park is also nearby. Go hiking, rock climbing, or take a guided tour to explore the local scenery. Then finish your day with a trip to one of the area’s locally owned restaurants.

Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs

Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows is one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado Springs, offering surreal views of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Like other neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, Mountain Shadows is home to excellent schools for all ages.

At just 25 minutes from Peterson AFB, Mountain Shadows grants access to the city while providing a great balance between urban and rural lifestyles. Service members and their families appreciate this neighborhood’s tranquility and easy access to surrounding areas.

Need A Roadmap To Buying A House In Colorado Springs?

Which neighborhoods sound most appealing? Different homebuyers have different preferences, but every option listed above provides great access to education, entertainment, and local amenities.

When considering where to begin your home search, consider factors like family size, occupations, schooling needs, and hobbies to choose the perfect neighborhood for you.

Colorado Springs has something to offer everyone. For more information about the neighborhoods listed above, schedule a call with Vantegic. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect home.

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