Top 5 Colorado Springs Mortgage Lenders

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Financing a home is the most complicated part of buying real estate.

You must understand credit scores, interest rates, mortgage points, escrow, and more. You also need to choose a lender to provide upfront funding for your home.

In Colorado Springs, mortgage lenders seem to be on every corner. How can you know who to trust with so many to choose from?

Vantegic has helped hundreds of families secure the homes of their dreams. In the process, we’ve worked with tons of different lenders too. Over the past 15 years, we’ve created a list of lenders that home buyers love to work with.

Here are Colorado Springs’ best mortgage lenders, according to feedback from homeowners we’ve worked with. Use this list to help you settle on a lender right away, or use it as a starting point to begin comparing interest rates!

Lender 1: Security National

If you’re located in Colorado Springs, mortgage lenders must be highly professional in order to provide the best services. Security National Mortgage Services is renowned for its outstanding customer service and excellent interest rates.

We’ve seen multiple families work with their team on a repeat basis, citing their tendency to go above and beyond expectations as their motivation to return. Many also report obtaining fantastic interest rates on a multitude of different financing options.

They also have a handy mobile application that allows home buyers to seek pre-qualification for a loan without speaking to a loan officer. It’s extremely useful for busy individuals who don’t have time to sit down for a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

Lender 2: loanDepot

If you find comfort in working with big names, then loanDepot could be your lender of choice.

With offices all over the country, LoanDepot regularly receives thousands of positive reviews. At Vantegic, the Colorado Springs location has helped many of our home buyers secure their ideal loans.

Those buying their first home also love their online payment calculator, which allows borrowers to estimate the final value of their monthly mortgage payment.

The team at loanDepot prides itself on speed, accuracy, and reliability throughout the loan process provided by its nationwide network of experts.

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Lender 3: PenTrust Mortgage

PenTrust Mortgage is a smaller lender based in Colorado Springs.

Their website contains tons of useful resources about everything mortgage related. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to buy a bigger house, or worried about your credit score, they have plenty of information available to provide you with all of the information you need to navigate the loan process.

Local home buyers regularly comment on how trustworthy and up-front the PenTrust Mortgage team is when explaining loan worthiness and credit requirements.

They earn extra points for their proactive, open communication methods, which make understanding the loan process much easier for those who haven’t financed a home before.

Lender 4: CB&T Mortgage

For the people who want fast, flexible, personalized loan options, consider applying for financing through CB&T Mortgage.

This lender is particularly well-known for making various types of loans more accessible for veterans, and for their knowledge of VA-to-VA loans.

They also receive a lot of positive feedback from local borrowers regarding their various VA home loan offers and could save veterans up to 6% more money than other mortgage lenders that deal with VA loans.

Their website contains tons of information related to veteran loan processes, and also for home purchases and refinancing. This is the preferred Colorado Springs mortgage lender for veterans who want personalized attention throughout the loan process.

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Lender 5: Benton Capital Mortgage Lending

Benton Capital Mortgage Lending has been helping Colorado residents finance their homes for years. What sets them apart is that they offer home financing support even after your loan has closed!

Benton Capital Mortgage Lending is the perfect option for home shoppers who are worried they’ll need extra support throughout the financing process. With a perfect five-star review on Google from over 100 local reviews, the quality of their services speaks for itself.

This lender is a favorite amongst local real estate agents because of their quick response times, punctual transaction processes, and friendly attitude.

Shop Around Before You Buy

In Colorado Springs, mortgage lenders are a dime a dozen. But the ones listed above are all known for their excellent attention, personalized service, and up-to-date knowledge about the loan process. If inclined to choose a lender from this article, we recommend comparing interest rates between several. This way, you ensure you’re getting the most affordable loan available.

Once you’ve settled on a mortgage lender and secured financing, it’s time to start shopping for your perfect home. At Vantegic, we know Colorado Springs and the surrounding area like the back of our hand. Ready to find the home of your dreams? Schedule a call today to learn more about available properties.

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