Where To Find The Best Houses In Colorado Springs (For Any Budget)

If you’re looking for houses in Colorado Springs, plenty of neighborhoods offer reasonably-priced homes for all budgets. Today, we’ll break down housing prices throughout the city so that you can better determine which neighborhood is best for you.

How Much Do Houses In Colorado Springs Generally Cost?

According to a recent study, the average price of houses in Colorado Springs is $487,000. However, prices can range anywhere from $200,000 to millions, depending on the neighborhood. For example, homes in the Downtown area are relatively expensive, with an average price of $625,000.

On the other hand, there are plenty of neighborhoods that offer more reasonably-priced homes. For example, houses in the West part of the city have an average price of around $400,000.

By researching housing prices in different parts of the city, you can easily find a neighborhood perfect for your budget. Let’s look at the pricing for houses in Colorado Springs’ best areas, which we’ve covered in detail in this post. To learn more about each neighborhood and what makes it special, open the link and follow along!

Pricing Breakdown For Houses In North Colorado Springs

Buyers with mid-size budgets often look for homes in Briargate, while those working with large budgets may prefer Black Forest, where they can find more homes with sprawling properties.

It’s possible to find houses below median prices, but they tend to sell quickly. See below for more details regarding pricing in each of these popular neighborhoods.


Briargate is a popular neighborhood for service members, and it offers great access to outdoor activities. Realtor.com says the median price for a home in Briargate is about $525,000. Homes in the area often rent anywhere from $1500 – $3000 monthly.

Black Forest

Known for its beautiful scenery and peaceful seclusion, Black Forest hosts many properties of various sizes and prices. Home listings often run upwards of a million dollars but can also be found for less.

The median home price in Black Forest is about $950,000. This neighborhood is recommended for those with home budgets greater than $1 million.

Pricing Breakdown For Houses In South Colorado Springs

The two most popular neighborhoods in South Colorado Springs are Broadmoor and Ivywild/Skyway.

Like Black Forest, the Broadmoor caters to big-budget buyers planning to spend a million or more on a house.

Buyers with medium-sized budgets will have better luck searching for a house in Ivywild/Skyway, where more affordable options are readily available.


The desirable Broadmoor area offers rich history and plenty of access to nearby hiking trails. Prices in the area have been steadily increasing for the past several years.

The median listing price for a house in Broadmore is more than $895,000. It’s a wonderful option for anyone searching for a multimillion-dollar property.

A fountain in front of the famous Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs


Ivywild is worth investigating for those with a budget of around $500,000.

Pre-owned home listings in the area often range from as little as $300,000 to $700,000, but the average sales price of a home in Ivywild is currently $515,000.

Skyway offers homes with slightly higher listing prices. Here, the average sales price is $660,000.

Both neighborhoods offer equal access to local amenities and belong to one of Colorado Springs’ top-rated school districts, making them wonderful choices for growing families.

The Ivywild School at night

Pricing Breakdown For Houses In East Colorado Springs

Home shoppers with a mid-sized budget will find the widest variety of options in East Colorado Springs. Both neighborhoods listed below have similar average listing prices and comparable access to local conveniences.

Banning Lewis Ranch

Banning Lewis Ranch is a steadily-growing neighborhood with fantastic access to entertainment for everyone. It’s suitable for individuals and families of all sizes.

In terms of affordability, an average sales price of about $500,000 places this neighborhood just above Ivywild and Skyway.

Woodmen Hills/Meridian Ranch

Houses in this neighborhood also typically list for around $500,000. Residents love this neighborhood’s proximity to the local golf course and easy access to recreational facilities.

Pricing Breakdown For Houses In West Colorado Springs

West Colorado Springs offers some of the most affordable homes for sale in the area.
Buyers with budgets below $500,000 should check for listings in Rockrimmon, where more affordable listings are available.

Don’t let the pricing in this area fool you. The neighborhood offers residents plenty of benefits over others in the area.

Mountain Shadows is best for buyers with flexible budgets who are open to considering various housing options. The wide range between listing prices makes it easy to find a house perfectly suited to your needs.


This is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. With a median listing price of $439,000, it’s an excellent option for young families. It’s common to find houses in this neighborhood selling anywhere from $300,000 to $600,000.

Rockrimmon is extremely close to the Air Force Academy and offers convenient access to both the Garden of the Gods and Ute Valley Park.

A view of the Siamese Twins at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Mountain Shadows

Locally renowned for the area’s natural beauty, homes in Mountain Shadows generally list for about $600,000. Here, listings can range in price anywhere from $400,000 to over $1 million.

Housing prices have remained stable for the past several years in this neighborhood, which sits at the foothills of the Front Range. Plus, this neighborhood provides easy access to all the amenities at Flying W Ranch. The variation in listing prices means it’s worth looking into for home buyers of any budget.

Search For Houses In Colorado Springs With Vantegic

As you search for the perfect home in Colorado Springs, keep an eye out for listings in these neighborhoods that match your budget and needs. Whether you’re working with $400,000 or $4 million, there are plenty of beautiful houses in Colorado Springs to choose from, and Vantegic is ready to help you find them all.

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